Monday, March 26, 2007

Never leave home without a sandwich

Jen and I went for a walk on Saturday. It was meant to be a leisurely stroll along a tiny stretch of the gower Peninsula. We got lost. It became a monster marathon without end. Foolishly we'd not packed any food for the journey. I now realise that being lost and hungry can bring with it a frightening sense of apathy for one's safety. "I'm lost and I don't care". In our weakened state we eventually asked for directions and struck out for home. It took ages. We argued. We now ache.

It was amazingly good fun.


Blogger A.J. said...

Perhaps you should never leave home without a map, sandwich, bottled water and a pillow for the occasional nap if you get grumpy from lack of food and to much walking?

Perhaps it's just me that requires naps when grumpy, hungry or tired!

6:01 pm  

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